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Patient Information

At Union General Hospital, we strive to ensure that the care and services we provide exceed expectations, whether we are serving a patient or a visitor. Our team of highly trained and talented medical professionals are dedicated to deliver the upmost care to everyone who enters our facilities. This means carrying out doctor’s plans for treatment and making a patient’s stay as comfortable as possible. We also want to make certain that loved ones who are visiting are well taken care of and given the best support available.

Hourly Rounding

An important part of providing you with Excellent care and service is hourly rounding. You will be visited by one of your caregivers every hour from 6am – 10pm and every 2 hours from 10pm – 6am.

During this time we will be:

  • Checking on you and your well-being
  • Monitoring your comfort and pain
  • Helping you move and change positions
  • Assisting with trips to the bathroom
  • Making sure you have easy access to things you need, such as your telephone and call light.

What does this mean to YOU, your family and visitors?

It means that we are anticipating your personal needs and monitoring your well-being on an active, hourly basis so that your family and visitors can focus on your recovery. You may receive a survey after you go home. We hope that you will take the time to give us your feedback. We use your feedback to recognize our staff and know how to improve.

Patient Meals

Patient’s meals’ are served at 8:00 am, 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm. It is our goal to serve attractive, well-prepared meals that satisfy your nutritive, therapeutic and cultural needs. We want you to feel free to express your preferences and dislikes. If you are not satisfied with the food that you are receiving, please do not hesitate to request a visit from the Dietitian. We want you to look forward to your meals, and will be happy to serve your food preferences if there are no conflicts with your therapeutic needs. Patients should check with their nurse before eating or drinking items from the vending machines or items brought into the hospital from outside sources.


To reach a local number from your room, dial the 10-digit number. To call toll-free long distance (calling cards, etc.): dial 1, then 10-digit number. To make other long distance calls: dial 0 for Operator instructions.

Please advise your family and friends they may reach you by dialing 706-439-6400 and, at the prompt, your room number.

Call Now

Telephones for local calls are provided for use by visitors on the first floor at the Registration waiting area, the Main Lobby, and inside the Emergency Department waiting area.


All televisions are remote control sets. The remote control, speaker, and nurse’s call system are combined into one unit. The person assisting you to your room during admission will explain how to operate these units.

Smoking Policy

Union General Hospital and Chatuge Regional Hospital are tobacco-free facilities. The use of any and all tobacco products, to include smokeless tobacco in any form, is prohibited for patients, visitors, employees, and guests anywhere within our facilities or on the grounds.

Personal Valuables

We maintain a vault for the safekeeping of money and other valuables during your stay. We encourage you to use this service. Union General Hospital and Chatuge Regional Hospital shall not be liable for the loss or damage to any money, jewelry, glasses, dentures, documents, furs, or other articles of unusual value, unless placed in the vault for safekeeping.

Hospital Auxiliary

The “Pink Ladies” and men wearing the Auxiliary emblem are volunteer members of the Hospital Auxiliary. Our auxiliary is an affiliate of the state and national organizations. Each member donates his or her time to help in various ways in the hospital and nursing home. The primary duties of the volunteers at our hospitals are to greet the public and to direct the flow of visitors to patients’ rooms in accordance with the hospital’s visitor policy. They work directly with the patients: providing assistance as needed and directing outpatients to Registration, Laboratory, and Radiology or to other locations in the hospital; and delivering flowers to patients. The Auxiliary maintains a gift shop in the hospital lobby. The Auxiliary works under established rules and regulations from the hospital.

Chaplaincy Program

We are dedicated to the concept of caring for the “whole patient,” which includes your spiritual as well as physical well-being. The Chaplains’ Association was organized to deliver the services needed to meet the spiritual needs of patients and staff. Members of the Chaplains’ Association represent the various denominations found in the North Georgia area. The program is based on the belief that in a time of crises, all of us need supportive relationships with other individuals. It is the philosophy of this program that clergymen and women can make a significant contribution to patients and their families by offering care and support during times of need.

A chaplain is on duty daily. Monday through Friday the chaplain on duty makes hospital calls to patients who have requested a visit. On Saturday and Sunday the chaplains are available in event of an emergency. Please do not hesitate to notify the nursing staff if you or your family member desire to see a chaplain.