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UGH is awarded Revenue Integrity Standards & Accreditation (RISAH)

August 9, 2016

Union General recently earned RISAH for dedication to improving revenue cycle performance and a commitment to best practice compliance.  What is revenue integrity, you ask?  It’s the healthcare industry’s way of safeguarding incoming monies, while meeting or exceeding the cash goal, in a manner that increases patient satisfaction.  RISAH evaluates the performance of the hospital revenue cycle.  HomeTown Health provides annual assessments to monitor and measure the performance of our hospital revenue cycle and ongoing internal benchmarking practices.  These benchmarks are based on recognized best practice metrics and education is provided on performance, standards, monitoring and collection of data.  Performance improvement is a long term, ongoing process that changes and evolves as regulations increase and the healthcare environment changes.  Union General is dedicated to achieving excellence in revenue cycle performance for the hospital as well as our patients.

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