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Sports Medicine Program

October 28, 2020


Sports Medicine is a relatively new field of medicine that focuses on injury prevention and treatment in the active population. There is no “age limit” for patients who can benefit from a sports medicine physician’s unique understanding and approach to injury. The goal of treatment is joint preservation as opposed to replacement, and allowing patients to return to the activities that they love.

Our affiliated facility, Union General Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, offers a Sports Medicine Program that’s the first of its kind in the Tri-State area. They provide comprehensive care to athletes of all ages with a special focus on our community’s youth. Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Jacob Stirton and his team cover the athletes at Young Harris College and several area high schools. By providing immediate access to care, this program aids student athletes in obtaining a quick diagnosis, treatment, and return to the sports they love. They also treat community members of all ages – from pickleball players to hikers to triathletes – and everyone in between.

For more information on the Union General Sports Medicine Program, please contact Program Coordinator, Ben Newell at 706-994-6479.

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